Since the 1970s the Club have mainly been involved in running Motorcycle Trials. The Club have run the ACU British Championship in both Adult and Youth. We have also been involved in running the ACU Clubmans Championship. We also have run a very successful Closed to Club series which normally consisted of 8 to 10 rounds spread out over a 12 month period. In the last few years we have also put on some Beginners & Clubman trials. These are marked out very simple so that new comers can get used to competition. The first of these series was the Autowbars Beginners and Novice Series. Sponsored by the Late Stuart Cameron of Autowbars Ltd. There were 6 rounds and on many occasions had en entry of well over 70 competitors. One thing Stuart insisted is that they could only win the Autowbars Shield once. Recently Nathan Wrigglewsworth has introduced the WBS Summer Series.  This series does not carry any awards. The Winter series of Beginner trials in now called the Manywells Beginners & Clubman Trials.

At the end of 2017 due to lack of assistance in running the Club it was agreed that NO trials will be run in 2018 unless more help comes forward.